About Active Zen

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Active Zen is a space created for women to thrive in. Here you will have access to yoga classes which have been designed to support your active lifestyle or to offer a moment of zen. We offer a supportive environment in which you can explore your yoga practice at your own pace without judgement. Want to touch your toes? Recovering from injury? Stressed out and need to chill? Whatever your reason, we will support you on your journey. I love that saying by Jigar Gor "Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is what you learn on the way down." Indeed, it is.  At the studio we teach Hatha Vinyasa yoga which is a beautiful amalgamation of two styles of yoga. Click here for more insight into this style of yoga. Variations will be given throughout the class to accommodate pregnancy and injuries as well as for those looking to deepen their practice. Class sizes are purposefully kept small to allow each student the benefit of receiving individual attention, especially those new to yoga.  Every element of my business is centred around self love; a path that each of us will take for ourselves. I believe in empowering you, our clients, through yoga to live a life of abundance and contentment, just as you are. I look forward to welcoming you on the mat.